Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the needs of our customers by providing the finest possible service at a fair price. Our top priorities are listening to client concerns, fulfilling their valid request, and anticipating their un-communicated needs. We are dedicated to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.

A 50-Year Legacy Lives On

Efficiency Garage Door Service was started in 1963 by Bob Hershey, who built and carried the business for over 50 years. Throughout those decades we focused on our customers and served them with honesty, integrity, skilled labor…and a smile. For that, we earned the trust and respect of the Denver community.

When Bob decided it was time to pass the torch, he wanted to make sure it was to someone who would maintain the high standards customers had come to rely on. He had one man in mind: Casey Tynan. But, Casey was enjoying a successful career of his own. Bob was firm on his choice. He rejected other offers, refusing to put the future of Efficiency Garage Door Services at risk. Finally, in February 2017, Casey, not wanting to see the business close or end up in the wrong hands, decided to take a leap and assume ownership. Casey truly appreciates and values what Bob Hershey has already established and is dedicated to honoring and building upon that great legacy.